We are three passionate cosplayers from Austria/Europe.
On this blog we want to show you some of our works and give useful advice on how we made certain things and props of our costumes.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave us an ask!

More Rowen



Here’s another photo of my Rowen Cosplay, taken by ChickenRaptor

I’m going to wear him again on the 10th of August, so hopefully I’ll be able to take a few more pictures ;)

Have you met Rowen from our Tales of Xillia group already? Take a look at her own tumblr! She really does amazing cosplays :D

On the picture is also Damare as Alvin and Pascal als Leia :3


Nyahaha, a friend finally made her Fourier Cosplay so we could take some Sis-photos at NyanCon in July~

Pascal as Pascal
Aynsoph as Fourier

Photo by greencat


The first pictures of our Vesperia-cosplays! *___*

1st and last pic: Ribbit’s Place
2nd pic: greencat
3rd pic: Romana Gruber

Damare as Yuri Lowell
Pascal as Rita Mordio
Violetta as Judith



I just had an awesome weekend at Made in Japan, Wr. Neustadt <3And I’m sooooo happy that I was able to meet awesome fucking hngnnghghghghghhghhhh great Xillia Cosplayer <3 This was one of the best moments last weekend. It makes me happy that I know some of them in real life.


I don’t know how to write this but this pictures make me sooo proud. Really can’t describe my feelings XD And the second thing is that makes me happy is my weight loss! I feel much better in wearing (Lolita) Dresses. I don’t know if these guys know how much they made me happy on this weekend. Describing feelings via internet sucks ^^;

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Milla: Violetta Cosplay // Sanjinshuu Cosplay
Jyde: Mister A - No Facebook/Tumblr, sorry
Leia: Pascal // Sanjinshuu Cosplay
Elize: Jac Jac Cosplay
Alvin: - don’t know her name ;_;” -
Rowen: - don’t know her name ;_;” -
Gaius: Cloud-Dark Cosplay
Celsius: Syreren - No Facbook/Tumblr, sorry

Happy Lolita Girl in the Middle XD: Miiyo - Art is Life
Blouse, Leggins: Offbrand
Necklace: DreamyBows
Hat: Claires
Shoes: Bodyline - Rocking Horse)


Miiyo took some pictures of our Xillia-Group last weekend! Aren’t they great?? :3

Unfortunately we couldn’t take many pictures, because it started to rain suddenly and didn’t stop until the late afternoon, where we had already changed back to our normal clothes … but we will do a shooting with the whole group this summer! *_*

If violetta can upload her cosplay i will do it too xD (eventhough mine are not so cool because of no bewbs and no fancy wig…oh well)

Im sooo looking forward to the convention this weekend. We’ll try to post some live-action photos this time (if we dont forget it…)

As I don’t have a fullbody-mirror at the dorm, a picture like this has to do xD (also: BEWBS :D)

I’m done with my Judith-cosplay! I had the wig at home and the costume at the dorm, that’s why I couldn’t wear altogether.

Either way, I’m really looking forward to our Vesperia-group tomorrow ♥ can’t wait to see everyone in their costumes! It’s gonna be so awesome ♥♥♥

as for now I’m going to look for picture references, so we can tage amazing pictures together :33 if you got any suggestions, please let me know! :D


I figured that I could share some Judith-progress too xD we are having an Tales of Vesperia-group this year and I’m already so much looking forward to it ♥ cosplaying Judith was on my To-Do-List since I’ve played the game back in… I think 2009? And this year I can finally do it and even have a group! It’s gonna be awesome :D

The picture of the clothes is a bit old, as I’ve already painted the pearls and attached the closure on the neck by now. I simply forgot to take a picture before going to my parent’s place (where I am now) xD

As for now, only the wig is left, as well as some minor modifications ♥ can’t wait to wear the cosplay next week! :D



have a wip of my Yuri cosplay ;) #cosplay #yuri #lowel #talesof #vesperia #bodhi #blastia #rubies #gold #bracelet

You already know Pascal is working on a Rita Mordio-Cosplay (Tales of Vesperia), right? Our Yuri has some progress too! This is the Blastia she made :D
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have a wip of my Yuri cosplay ;) #cosplay #yuri #lowel #talesof #vesperia #bodhi #blastia #rubies #gold #bracelet

You already know Pascal is working on a Rita Mordio-Cosplay (Tales of Vesperia), right? Our Yuri has some progress too! This is the Blastia she made :D

I thought i should post my current progress of Rita (because im bored and i already had the photos…)

Gonna make Ritas goggles now. Wish me luck~
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Gonna make Ritas goggles now. Wish me luck~